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CARIMA was founded in 1982 to produce lubricants for electric cables.
And so GLISS® was created, following an idea of Giordano Pipani, based on his 20 year-long technical experience in the sector of insulation materials for electrical cables in rubber and PVC.

GLISS® was purposely studied for the laying and removal of electric cables in civil works. Following the first positive lab tests and the success of GLISS® on the market consolidated in the years, the demand arose for a new product that could satisfy the requirements deriving from Industrial plant technicians.

The installation of fiber optics started to spread and GLISS® F has been used to lubricate kilometres of fiber optics laid throughout Europe since 1990. GLISS® F is currently exported in all European countries, America and New Zealand. It is primarily used for the lubrication of power and fiber optic cables.

In 1998 market demands and customer requests brought us to the formulation of a new product: GLISS® GEL. This product had an immediate success and achieved a leading position on the market for lubricants. It guaranteed a successful installation of the cable without risking spillage of the product. The CARIMA product line has been extended to spray products that help the installation technicians to solve small daily problems.

Our engagement in the sector of lubricants since 1982 is the best quality guarantee of our products, which are based on environmentally safe chemical elements that are not harmful to man.

CARIMA holds environment in great consideration and this is shown in two key elements of its activity:

  • All of our products are water-based, they don't contain oil derivates and are environmentally safe.
  • All the energy CARIMA needs originates from the sun. For transparency, our production data are published and updated every 30 minutes on our web site. See the link