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GLISS® GEL has been designed to eliminate the friction generated when installing heavy power cables in plastic ducts. 

GLISS® GEL reduces friction and finds application in the same areas as the other lubricants in the same series, but with a specific focus on cases where the problem proves particularly hard to solve.

Appearance: the product is a clear blue gel; the water and glycol in the gelatin act as lubricants and as vehicles for other specific lubricants which prove effective where greater friction would impede proper cable installation.

In civil installation applications, the product helps prevent unwanted spilling of the lubricant on wooden floors, carpets, and, in general, on any material that is difficult to clean.
In industrial applications, it is used for laying large-section power cables in plastic or concrete ducts.

Use: apply the gel onto the cable with a sponge; install cable.

For further information, see the technical data sheet.