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GLISS®  Spray
Universal lubricant, it lubricates the parts, protects them and makes them waterproof. This lubricant is based on silicone oil.
Removes moisture from electrical and electronic equipment, motors, electrical contacts, etc. Prevents rust formation and corrosion thanks to its lubricant and protective properties. It is a silicone oil based lubricant.

Cliner Spray
Lubricant-detergent for electrical contacts. It removes quickly and completely grease, oil, dirt, pitch, wax, adhesives and sludge from electrical equipment. It evaporates quickly without leaving any deposit.

Unlocker Spray
It dissolves rust in oxidized metallic materials. It releases screws, nuts, bolts, locks, etc.

Compressed Air Spray
Produces a high pressure air stream.

Sanitizing agent for air conditioners
Product specially conceived to deodorise and sanitise. Perfectly suitable to remove mould, fungi, bacteria and germs from filters, ducts and finned packs. It can prevent allergies by removing bacteria and microorganisms.

Gas leak detector
GAS LEAK detector is a product specially designed to detect gas leaks and micro leaks in a system.

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