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Gel, liquid or spray lubricants, for industrial and civil uses


Gel, liquid or spray lubricants, for industrial and civil uses


Gel, liquid or spray lubricants, for industrial and civil uses


Cable lubricants

Carima is specialised in the production and supply of lubricants for laying optical fibre, electrical wiring and industrial cables. Our products are anti-friction and water-based. They greatly facilitate the installation phase and they are used by industries all over the world.

  • GLISS®Cream

    GLISS® Cream, also called GLISS® C, is a specific water-based glide designed and developed to eliminate the friction generated between rubber /
  • GLISS® F

    GLISS® F reduces by up to 90% the friction generated when installing electrical cables, telephone cables, coaxial cables and optical fibre

    GLISS® GEL has been designed to eliminate the friction generated when installing heavy power cables in plastic ducts GLISS® GEL reduces friction

    TRACING IDRO PAINT is an acrylic, water-based spray, suitable to trace, mark or delimit spaces, areas and corridors in construction sites Suitable
  • GLISS®

    GLISS® was originally formulated in 1978 to eliminate the friction generated when laying telephone wiring in burglar alarm systems; later on,
  • S LUB 20

    S LUB 20 is a special lubricant for the installation of mini and micro optical fibre cables by means of a cable blowing machine S LUB 20 is white
  • GLISS® Spray Foam

    GLISS® SPRAY FOAM has been designed to facilitate the job of electricians installing wiring systems in civil structures GLISS® SPRAY FOAM uses the

    SOFT SIL GEL32 is a bi-component fast-polymerising silicone gel for electrical insulation in muffle joints, connecting boxes, etc Ulteriori

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August 9, 2023

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July 28, 2023

GLISS® WMM and GLISS® F: Advanced solutions for the installation of power cables and fiber optics

To facilitate the installation of various types of cables (for example, electrical, telephone, or fiber optic), lubricating products with a sliding effect are used. Their primary function is to eliminate…


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