Anti-friction agents and lubricants

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  • GLISS® F

    GLISS® F reduces by up to 90% the friction generated when installing electrical cables, telephone cables, coaxial cables and optical fibre
  • GLISS®

    GLISS® was originally formulated in 1978 to eliminate the friction generated when laying telephone wiring in burglar alarm systems; later on,

    EASYCABLE eliminates 70% of the friction during in cable laying and removal, making the cable slide in and out with ease in any situation First
  • GLISS® AIR 108

    GLISS® AIR 108 is a highly fluid, non-toxic, non-harmful, bio-degradable, easy to spray synthetic lubricant GLISS® AIR 108 is used to lay fibre
  • GLISS® B

    GLISS® B because of its consistency, fluidity and very low evaporation level is recommended for cable laying in plastic piping, even in segments

    GLISS® SF has been specially designed for the installation of heavy-duty optical fibre telephone cables by means of cable laying systems that use