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Biosol 19: The New Era of Eco-friendly Degreasing Solvents

By October 3, 2023No Comments
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In the age of sustainability and innovation, the degreasing solvent Biosol 19 stands out as a leader in the landscape of ecological solvents.

What is Biosol 19?

Biosol 19 is not just any solvent. Its formula, enriched with plant-based raw materials, places it in a league of its own, a detergent that respects the environment. This polar solvent has an optimal density at 20°C, ensuring consistency and stability, making it ideal for a range of applications.

Its low viscosity combined with its clear appearance makes it easy to apply and ensures optimal results. But what truly sets Biosol 19 apart is its composition: a perfect blend of natural ingredients and technological innovation.

Unique Benefits: A Safe and Sustainable Choice.

Biosol 19 is effective for cleaning cables and electronic components and is also safe for health and the environment. Many industry professionals choose it as their preferred option due to its numerous advantages.

One of the main features of Biosol 19 is its ability to replace trichloroethane, a substance considered harmful to health. This makes it not only irreplaceable in many industries but also a valid ecological alternative to other substances such as orange terpenes and d-limonene.

Biosol 19’s formula, free from these potentially harmful components, ensures that the product’s use is safe, minimizing health risks while offering high-performance levels. Its formula, based on plant-based raw materials, makes it biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Its high dielectric rigidity ensures unparalleled safety in electrical applications, reducing associated risks. One of its main features is the absence of hazard symbols, making it a safe product for use; moreover, being VOC free, it is eco-sustainable.

Its effectiveness has been tested on a wide range of materials, ensuring it does not cause damage. The versatility of Biosol 19 is further highlighted by its application method: it can be easily sprayed, spread, or used in immersion, adapting to the various needs of professionals.

Applications of Biosol 19

Biosol 19 stands out not only as an excellent solvent but also for its versatility in multiple applications. This product is ideal for removing buffering gel from electrical and telephone cables, both copper and optical fiber. Additionally, it’s perfect for cleaning electronic components and removing grease and impurities from mechanical and electrical parts.

With Biosol 19, cleaning and maintenance become simple and safe operations, always offering high-quality results.

If you are interested in learning more or integrating Biosol 19 into your business, we invite you to contact the Carima company.