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About Us

Carima is a European market leader in the production and formulation of water-based lubricants and anti-friction agents for fibre optics and power cables installation.
With 30 years of experience, the company keeps growing thanks to the integrity and enthusiasm of its team.

Our company was founded in 1982 and has immediately established itself as one of the most innovative company in the sector of the production of cable lubricants, thanks to the continuous investments in research and development, to the high standards of its lubricants and to the experience developed on an international scale.

Carima is a chemical company situated near Milan (Italy) and satisfies its customers with innovative products and short delivery times, in an on-going process of quality assessment and improvement.

Our philosophy

We support our customers by producing various types of lubricants to suit the working methods of each installer. So, for example if a technician has always worked with a gel product lubricants, Carima ensures to provide the right gel for him. 

We do not want to change the habits of technical installers but help them in their everyday activities. We can offer an optimal solution for each requirement.

We also care about the environment: that’s why all our products are water based and have no oil derivatives. We produce and sell specific anti-friction agents & lubricants to ease fibre optic and power cable installation. Specially designed to reduce the friction generated when laying power and fibre optic cables in pipes. 

All of our product are Made in Italy, using selected raw materials and through a qualified industrial process, for an optimal performance in every field: industrial, civil and construction. Concerning our awareness about the environment, all the electricity Carima needs is supplied by the sun; photovoltaic panels have been installed on our roofs in order to power our everyday business activities.


Carima manufactures and sells his manufactory products, so we are able to provide:

  • water base lubricants for fibre optic and electrical cable installation with all of kind of technical installation 
  • silicone based mono-component and bi-component for electrical join insulation 
  • solvents and detergents to remove sealing grease (jelly) from cables and to clean fibre cables before splicing (water base and solvent based) 
  • technical water-based spray & paint tracing and spray products for habitual operations. 
  • other accessories and chemical products that allow to use our products to be easily used always in the electrical and fibre optic field.


Carima is an ISO 9001 certified company.
We have also IEEE and Biodegradable certified products. 

At the customer’s request, we are able to supply the conformity certificates. 

Carima pays great attention to the regulations governing its activities; in fact, we can guarantee that all the components and substances used in our products conform to the REACH and CLP regulations.
Our product formulations are stable over time at both high and low temperatures. In addition to that, all our products bear a batch number to ensure full traceability.

Our History

CARIMA was founded in 1982 to produce lubricants and anti-friction agents for electric cable installation.

In brief, we market a product enabling electricians to work more effortlessly, without damaging cables or pipes.
The main idea is to support installation technicians engaged in the arduous task of inserting electrical cables in pipes, even when there is existing wiring in the same conduit.

The aim is to get the work done in the simplest, cleanest and easiest way possible without damaging infrastructures.

It all started with an idea by Giordano Pipani, based on the technical experience he had acquired working 20 years in the ambit of insulating materials for electrical cables in rubber and PVC.

His idea materialized in a product called GLISS® which is a water-based lubricating liquid which minimizes the friction normally generated when inserting a rubber or plastic coated electrical cable into a pipe.
Then came the first positive lab test results, after which the product was marketed and met with considerable success.

The market for GLISS® was further consolidated down through the years but there was a growing need to identify a new product able to satisfy the more demanding requirements of industrial plant installers.
The installation of optic fibres was becoming increasingly widespread and Carima’s response to this new market need is GLISS® F.

Since 1990, GLISS® F has accompanied the thousands of kilometres of optic fibres installed throughout Europe, thereby winning the approval of various key players in the telecommunications industry.

GLISS® F, a high-performing liquid product, is currently exported to all countries in Europe, North and South Africa, America, New Zealand and Russia. It is mainly used to lubricate optic fibre cables, as well as electrical cables with a large wire gauge.

In 1998, market demand and the specific needs of our customers led us to formulate a new product that was quite different from anything that had preceded it.

The development of GLISS® GEL is the Carima response to new market requirements.

No longer a liquid, like all former products, this formulation comes in the form of a gel and, right from the start, it has been a market success.
Apart from its remarkable lubricating properties, its main advantage lies in its GEL consistency.

GLISS® GEL is a market success which confirms Carima’s leadership in the production and formulation of lubricants for electrical and optic fibre installations.

Down through the years, the CARIMA product line has been further extended to include an increasing number of solutions for installers. Today, in view of the considerable variety of the specific products developed by Carima for this industry, we are able to supply support and answers to meet the technical requirements of installations, even with purpose-made solutions.

A perfect example of this approach are the specific products for laying optic fibres using the Blowing Machine technique.

Not to mention the introduction of technical spray products, comprising water-based ones, which support installers with solutions to minor everyday problems.

Nothing has ever stopped us. Our in-house laboratory has developed and formulated both mono and bi-component silicone products for electrical insulation.
Various types of packaging, from cartridges to kits, as well as pockets subdivided into two compartments, enable us to satisfy various market needs.

The development, formulation and production of both water-based lubricants and silicone-based electrical insulators are the key to our success, further confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 certification obtained in 2018.


CARIMA cares a great deal about the environment as evidenced by two key elements of its activity:

  • All of our products are water-based, they do not contain oil-derived products and they are eco-friendly.
  • All the electricity used by CARIMA is solar-sourced. For greater transparency, our site provides the production data of our photovoltaic system updated in real time every 15 minutes.

Lubricants for construction and for civil use

Carima lubricants specific for construction and for civil use are characterised by their high compatibility with the environment: liquid, gel and spray lubricant biodegradability is higher than the 95%. All this is accompanied by the best performance for all kind of cables, in small and big sections.

The GLISS line has been specifically developed for being used in all conditions: in the presence of water, in moist or fire risk environments, they maintain high performance standards that reduce the cable friction of the 70%, in every situation.

For over three decades, Carima serves technical installers all over the world with cutting-edge products that are efficient and useful for each daily work: lubricants for cables that make construction work easier and that, at the same time, allow to reach outstanding performances in the shortest time possible.

Industrial lubrificants

Carima offers a full line of industrial lubricants, perfect for laying optical fibre cables, though of great length, as well as electrical wiring (or sections of cables, for big diameter cables, heavy cables) and other types of cables. The long experience gained in the sector and the continuous investments in research allowed Carima to design and patent some of the best lubricants for cables available on the market, with particular attention to the respect of the environment and to the use of non-toxic substances for men.

Among these, GLISS F stands out: specifically developed for optical fibre cables, it differs from common industrial lubricants for its water-based formula, which reduces the friction – between cable and pipe and between cable and cable – of the 90%, so facilitating the network laying procedure. Its liquid version is also perfect for the installation of electrical wiring and for the most common uses, always guaranteeing an unbeatable performance.

For those who prefer working with viscous products, GLISS® GEL, or the gel lubricant for high performance cables, is available on the market since a long time. Easy to apply, suitable for big section cables and for piping.