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Cleaning products for cables, fibers and tubes

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cleaning cables

The push towards digitization of the country and the transition to broadband has led to huge investments, both by the government and by the major telecommunications companies, for the coverage and cabling of large urban areas as well as areas with low urbanization.

Numerous fiber optic infrastructure development projects are therefore underway, both for laying in new infrastructure and for laying in existing infrastructure.

Installers therefore find themselves having to carry out a considerable number of daily operations, in the most varied climatic, logistical and infrastructural conditions, having to ensure state-of-the-art work which in any case guarantees future maintainability and the reduction of rework due to defects or performance degraded.

Carima S.r.l. has been working for over 40 years alongside installers to make the work of technicians more efficient and precise through the production of lubricants for slipping, products for cleaning cables, optical fibers and laying infrastructures.

All products are available in various formats and different delivery methods. Carima S.r.l. is at your complete disposal to provide all the technical-installation information to meet your needs.

Cleaning and degreasing products

Some electric cables in optical fiber, present under the external sheath of the tamponing fats also called Petroljelly whose purpose is to protect the inside of the cable from any cracks in the protective external sheath, so that the water cannot penetrate at inside of the cable causing ruinous damage and faults. These fats in contact with water expand avoiding penetration.

For the removal of these fats, specific products are needed that Carima is able to provide. Cleaning the cable and mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, in particular before carrying out connections, certificates or exchanges, is of fundamental importance to guarantee safe connections, avoid false contacts and allow subsequent processes safely

Biosol 19 is a non -flammable non -hazardous solvent that finds its natural use for the removal and cleaning of tamponing fats from telephone cables both in copper and in optical fiber, allowing technicians to perform easier processing and respecting the joint indications

Specific products for optical fibers cleaning

When optical fiber splicing work is to be carried out, whether it is a fiber already laid and perhaps left for years in wells, street cabinets or muffles or a new fiber just inserted in cable ducts, it is of fundamental importance to carry out a preventive cleaning of the fibers.

It is therefore important to make the correct tools available to technicians for cleaning the optical fibers before inserting them into the splicer.

To this end, Carima S.r.l. has developed the FO Cleaner product, a degreaser and cleaner explicitly developed not to damage the protective varnish of the optical fiber.

Being the product based on purified and deionized water, it evaporates completely without leaving residues, allowing a joint free of foreign particles and minimizing joint attenuations. FO Cleaner is not infamous allowing the product to be shipped by air.

In addition to FO Cleaner, Isopropyl Alcohol can also be used to clean the optical fibers before splicing, this too characterized by complete evaporation without residues and high degreasing and cleaning power.

A valid alternative to isopropyl alcohol which can be annoying for some people, Carima is also able to offer 99.9% pure Denatured Ethyl Alcohol, which differs substantially from that for domestic use which is 80-90% pure , which allows to obtain high levels of degreasing, cleaning of cables and electronic components and is in fact used with success by the major multinationals in the sector due to its high technical characteristics.

Products for corrugated pipes and pipes cleaning

Very often an installation company finds itself having to operate in stages following the construction site and infrastructure construction or to use corrugated pipes and cable ducts laid and left open for several months or years.

In order to ensure easy installation, especially if it is necessary to thread a considerable bundle of cables, and to ensure future maintainability and expandability of the infrastructure, it is advisable to clean the inside of the pipes.

Cleaning will ensure that the subsequent installation of electrical cables or fiber optics is free from dust, dirt, construction debris or soil.

Duct Cleaner is the reference product for this type of processing. It does not contain solvents or isopropyl alcohol, but is water-based, thus allowing safe working as it is not flammable.

Furthermore, since it is not corrosive it does not attack the connections between the pipes, it does not damage the rubber or plastic seals and it does not leave residues in the pipes.

The result will be a pipe equal to a new installation, in which it will be possible to lay it quickly and easily, even using cable blowing, making use of all the available volume.

Finally, if it is necessary to unclog micro-ducts or small diameter pipes (3-20mm) in which ice has formed due to infiltration of condensate or water, you can use the Ice Melting solution by Carima S.r.l. to melt the ice.

Just let the product act and then remove the residues with compressed air and then be able to lay cables.