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GLISS F: The Liquid Anti-Friction Solution for Industrial Installations

By June 13, 2024No Comments
gliss f

GLISS F is the liquid lubricant developed by Carima Srl that revolutionizes the world of water-based sliding substances by reducing the friction coefficient by 90%, making the installation of cables of various diameters and purposes less laborious and faster.

What is GLISS F? Physical and Chemical Characteristics

It is a semi-transparent green or blue liquid with an impressive 95% biodegradability index, respecting the environment while facilitating cable installation – in the phases of threading and, if necessary, fixing – in various settings, reducing friction.

Its unique chemical composition gives it a viscosity of 45 – 50 Ford cup seconds and defines the operating temperature between -20 and +65 degrees Celsius.

Remarkable is its durability – measurable in years – of lubrication even in the presence of liquids, which protects the cable from the corrosive and deteriorating action of pollutants, a significant feature in the event of maintenance or inspection of wiring inside their guides.

Areas of Use of GLISS F

The primary area of ​​use for GLISS F is in the field of cable installation, especially in long single pieces for telecommunications – telephone, fiber optic, and coaxial – and electrical cables, inserted inside plastic pipelines: this is possible thanks to its low viscosity and low evaporation.

This means that the main – if not the only – applications of this liquid lubricant from Carima Srl belong to the industrial sector, where it also stands out for being applicable through compressed air machines, a methodology used to lubricate very large cable sections, facilitating installation – as already mentioned – even for fiber optic cables for which specific documentation is available.

The distinguishing advantage of GLISS F is its viscosity coefficient, which under non-extreme conditions – outdoor environments with non-elevated and unusual temperatures – remains constant, allowing the use of a single methodology for different installation scenarios.

Also noteworthy is the result of the residual concentration percentage test over time, which positively influences its use even in extreme conditions: if applied correctly, after 5 hours of exposure at a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius, the remaining liquid part is still 30%, an excellent result demonstrating GLISS F’s propensity to be used even in difficult and challenging situations.

Interested in GLISS F: Here’s Where to Buy It

Carima Srl, a Milan-based company well positioned in the European market for water-based lubricants and sliding agents, produces and markets GLISS F. The quality level of the company’s production cycle is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and the marketing focuses on gel, liquid, or spray substances whose range covers all sector needs in any field.