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GLISS GEL: The Gel Solution for Industrial and Civil Installations


Gliss Gel is a product developed by Carima Srl to address the issue of friction during the installation of electrical cables or plastic pipelines in both industrial and civil settings. Its purpose is to reduce the time required for installation and facilitate the extraction of cables or pipes from ducts in case of replacement.

What is Gliss Gel and its chemical-physical properties

Gliss Gel is a gelatinous substance with a transparent blue color, water-based, designed to lubricate surfaces and reduce friction by an excellent 80%, facilitating the correct laying of cables.

Its unique composition gives it a viscosity of 30,000 cps and an operating temperature range between -15 and +50 degrees Celsius; at the same time, it emits no odor.

Another significant property is that, once its liquid part evaporates, it does not produce the so-called glue effect, preventing cables from sticking together and thus blocking inside guides, pipes, or ducts, facilitating the addition of other cables into the same channel, as well as maintenance operations on them.

Areas of use of Gliss Gel

We mentioned the ideal application types for Gliss Gel produced by Carima Srl to facilitate cable laying and extraction operations; let’s now examine them in more detail for clarity.

Civil applications

In civil engineering, Gliss Gel is particularly useful to prevent spills of lubricant on delicate surfaces such as parquet and carpet, with a gel formula that allows for simple and intuitive application without soiling or damaging surrounding materials.

Industrial applications

In industrial settings, Gliss Gel is used for positioning large-section cables – whether they are energy conductors or not – conveyed inside pipelines that can be made of cement or plastic. In this sector, its molecular structure extends its effectiveness to applications where other lubricants fail to act effectively in reducing friction. This facilitates and accelerates wiring operations.

How to purchase Gliss Gel

Carima Srl’s Gliss Gel is the water-based lubricant product that has confirmed the Lombard company’s extreme importance in the European market. Certified ISO 9001:2015, the company specializes in the production and commercialization of lubricating and sliding products – in gel, liquid, or spray form – based on water. The vastness of their range allows for the coverage of all sector needs, regardless of the application area.