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GLISS WM-XL: The optimal solution for cable installation

By February 4, 2024March 4th, 2024No Comments

Gliss® WM-XL is the ideal product to solve friction problems during the installation of electrical cables, optical fibers, and telephone cables. Difficult sliding is indeed one of the main issues encountered during cable installation, and that’s why the use of lubricants and slip agents like Gliss® WM-XL is fundamental. It is tested and highly effective, like the entire series designed and produced by CARIMA.

The peculiarity of this product, which sets it apart from others in the market, is the absence of the glue effect. The glue effect is what happens when, once the water has evaporated, the gel turns into glue, causing all the cables to adhere together, preventing future installations or extractions.

Thanks to this lubricant, however, the problem will be avoided, ensuring cleanliness and effectiveness with each use.

Product Specifications

Gliss® WM-XL is a completely non-toxic, inert, and non-flammable product, making it suitable for indoor use as well. It’s suitable for indoor environments also due to another distinctive characteristic, which is not containing microspheres, which are highly polluting to the environment.

It comes in the form of a white gel inside boxed bottles containing 1 kg of product, available in units of 6, 12, or 15.


Its appearance is semi-gel with a white coloration, containing water, silicone, and glycol inside the gel, which serve as lubricants as well as carriers for other specific lubricants used for installations.
It has no odor and therefore is not bothersome to use. As mentioned earlier, it is non-toxic, and the suitable temperature range for its use is from -10° to +50°, covering all needs. Because of all these characteristics and its high quality, Gliss® WM-XL is suitable for any job, the optimal solution for cable installation.

Use and Application

The application of Gliss® WM-XL is very easy and intuitive, facilitating the laying of cables even vertically without subsequent dripping. This results in a clean and precise outcome, as mentioned earlier. Simply take the necessary amount with a sponge or cloth and apply it to the cables, then proceed with the installation.

Another excellent feature of the product is that the layer applied lasts a long time, facilitating subsequent work, such as introducing and/or replacing additional cables in the same duct. This will allow work to be carried out even more quickly.

The Gliss® WM-XL lubricant can also be used when working with optical fiber cables in plastic conduits. Even when using automatic machinery for laying cables with compressed air, it’s still possible to use Gliss® WM-XL to pre-lubricate the product.

Therefore, Gliss® WM-XL is a gel that proves suitable for any type of work and space.