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GLISS® WMM and GLISS® F: Advanced solutions for the installation of power cables and fiber optics

By July 28, 2023July 31st, 2023No Comments
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To facilitate the installation of various types of cables (for example, electrical, telephone, or fiber optic), lubricating products with a sliding effect are used. Their primary function is to eliminate the friction that hinders the insertion of new elements or the removal of those already present inside the housing pipes.

Below, we present all the characteristics of two water-based cable pulling products, manufactured and distributed by Carima, GLISS® WMM and GLISS® F. Their lubricating properties contribute to the elimination of any problems arising from the generation of friction, facilitating the work and reducing the duration of operational times.

Gliss® products, water-based “anti-friction” lubricants

During the installation of cables in telephone, electrical, antenna, or alarm systems, the most common problem is the friction that occurs during laying.

This issue significantly hinders the work, not only when dealing with new installations where cables must be pulled out from the pipes but also when working on existing systems where it may be necessary to remove the cables inside the housings to replace them. It is evident, in fact, that the occurrence of friction makes these operations longer and more difficult.

To overcome this problem, Carima S.r.l. has created the Gliss®series products, which, thanks to a lubricating action, prevent and almost completely eliminate friction, facilitating and speeding up the operations of inserting and pulling out cables.

Using Gliss® products to wet wires or tubes allows a smoother passage, ensuring precise and professional work, without particular complications and with an absolutely perfect final result.

Gliss® slipping products are water-based, characterized by high quality and, in addition to acting in the contingent situation, maintain their effect over time, protecting cables from aging and damage due to wear.


GLISS® WMM has been designed to solve the most common problems related to the installation of all types of cables.

It presents itself as an inert white gel, with a medium/high fluid consistency, also suitable for industrial use for the laying of large-section electrical cables inside concrete or plastic pipes.

This water-based lubricant contains wetting glycols that adhere to the path to be treated, allowing vertical application without risk of leakage or dispersion.

GLISS® WMM is non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable, and offers high lubricating efficacy, reducing up to 80% of the friction generated between the cable and its housing, without producing a sticky effect or blocking conductors.

The application is simple and traditional, it takes place before installation, distributing the gel on the cable using a sponge.

The slipping effectiveness lasts for a long time, facilitating the introduction of new cables into the same pipe or possibly the replacement of those already present inside.GLISS-WMM


GLISS® F is a biodegradable water-based lubricant, extremely fluid, and with very low evaporation, which always guarantees excellent performance.

Its liquid consistency makes it ideal for the installation of cables inside plastic pipes, both with traditional methods and with compressed air systems.

This lubricant is commonly used in industrial applications and reduces up to 90% of the friction generated during the installation of telephone, electrical, coaxial, and fiber optic cables, especially when laying several hundred meters is required.

Its application is very simple, as it can be poured directly onto the components to be treated. In addition, it can also be used for the installation of pipes and small tubes in which the cables will be inserted at a later time.

The lubricating and protective effectiveness of GLISS® F is maintained even in humid environments and lasts over time, protecting cables from the harmful effects of pollution.


Final considerations

Lubricating products like GLISS® WMM and GLISS® F have a use that offers several advantages, because they:

  • Facilitate and speed up the installation or replacement activities of any type of cable;
  • Are biodegradable and have low evaporation; • Preserve the sliding action even when used in the presence of water;
  • Adhere perfectly to the cable surface;
  • Maintain their effectiveness over time, protecting cables from pollution.

You can consult the technical data sheets of Carima products directly from the website and if you want more information about GLISS® WMM and GLISS® F, do not hesitate to contact Carima.