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GREEN GLASS: The specialized detergent for solar panels and photovoltaic systems

By April 22, 2024No Comments

Over the past few years, an increasing number of people have opted to install solar panels and photovoltaic systems. These solutions are becoming more widespread, partly due to decisions made by legislators at both the European and national levels, progressively allowing citizens access to various types of incentives.

This is why solar panels and photovoltaic systems have begun to appear on the roofs of residential complexes and individual homes, playing a crucial role in enabling households and businesses of all sizes to optimize their electricity supply. This investment allows for significant savings and increased autonomy, even in the event of a service interruption.

However, to fully benefit from these devices, regular maintenance and meticulous cleaning are necessary. For the latter, it is important to use specific products such as Green Glass, which boasts a carefully formulated solution designed to cleanse panel surfaces and ensure their maximum functionality. In this discussion, let’s explore the characteristics of Green Glass.

Practicality and tailor-made formula: how to best clean solar panels

In order to optimally preserve a valuable investment like solar panels, paying attention to every detail is essential. Therefore, maximum care must be taken during routine maintenance and cleaning, including the selection of the best cleaning products. Drawing on Carima’s expertise and experience, Green Glass is a liquid that can be used very simply.

This odorless detergent is specially designed to effectively clean the surfaces of solar panels and photovoltaic systems, which require the use of tailored formulations due to their particular structure and materials. Through careful research, Green Glass contains non-aggressive elements capable of removing all dirt effectively. The formulation includes ingredients that are gentle on solar panels, as well as on the skin in case of accidental contact. This special formulation ensures that neither the components nor the main structure of the panels are affected.

Green Glass: an ideal product for quick and effective cleaning

The product’s quality has been verified since 2009 when Carima installed its first photovoltaic system, receiving considerable market approval for the product. This is a fundamental aspect for those who want to be sure they can rely on a truly effective solution. People who choose to purchase Green Glass know they can always effectively care for their solar panels or photovoltaic systems. As further evidence of attention to sustainability, which is undoubtedly important to those who have chosen to integrate renewable energy sources into their daily lives, this product is entirely biodegradable.

In addition to leaving no streaks on the surface, the detergent is truly innovative as it has no impact on the environment. Depending on specific needs, Green Glass can be dissolved in water and used in variable doses. This promotes a high degree of customization, facilitating use not only by private individuals but also by companies or commercial activities.

The product can be applied by spraying or poured directly onto the panels, or in combination with automatic or semi-automatic washing systems.