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Silicone Junction Kit: Transparent Protection for Low and Medium Voltage Electrical

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Silicone junction kits are a reliable and transparent solution for protecting low and medium voltage electrical connections.

In particular, in this article, we will focus on Carima, one of the leading manufacturers of this innovative device.

This product offers a simple yet effective solution to preserve the integrity of electrical connections, providing long-term protection and increased durability of electrical components.

Its versatility and resistance make it ideal for a wide range of applications, from industrial use to energy distribution, ensuring safe and efficient transmission of electrical current.

Carima stands out in the industry for the quality of its products and its constant commitment to innovation. With years of experience in the field of electrical solutions, Carima has developed a Silicone Junction Kit that meets the highest standards of safety and reliability.

The Kit for the Junction of Electrical Cables with Muffler and Bi-component Silicone Gel for Casting

The Kit for the Junction of Electrical Cables using a muffler and bi-component silicone gel for casting has been specifically developed to ensure durable and secure protection against external elements, such as water, humidity, and dust, thus preserving the integrity of the electrical junction over time.

In particular, the bi-component silicone gel is a key element of the kit and represents an effective solution for protecting connections.

After a rapid polymerization of just 15 minutes, the gel solidifies, forming a transparent protective coating; this characteristic allows easy visual inspection of the junction’s content, enabling quick verification of its status and identification of any anomalies or problems.

A significant advantage of this product is the ease of removal when necessary; indeed, if faults occur or if it’s desired to extend the junction, the silicone gel can be simply removed, making maintenance and modifications more convenient and quicker.

Safety is a crucial aspect for any electrical solution, and the Kit for the Junction of Electrical Cables has obtained certifications for low and medium voltages, in compliance with the 0.6/1 KV standard. This means that the product has been subjected to rigorous quality tests and meets the necessary safety standards to operate under such conditions.

Composition of the kit:

Instructions: The kit includes detailed instructions for installation and proper use of the components. These allow for the correct application of the silicone gel and the assembly of the bushing, ensuring an effective and safe electrical joint.

Plastic Bushing: The bushing is a fundamental component to ensure the protection of the electrical joint. The kit offers several bushing options to choose from, depending on the specific needs of the application. The options include:

  • JD23: Large bushing with a 90° branch.
  • JD15: Small bushing with a 30° deviation.
  • J22: Large linear bushing.
  • J17: Small straight bushing.

Single separate envelope with two pockets for two-component silicone gel: Inside the kit, there is an envelope containing the two-component silicone gel. The envelope is divided into two separate pockets for the two components of the gel, thus ensuring the preservation and integrity of the product until the time of use.

This kit represents a complete and ready-to-use solution for protecting electrical connections with reliability and convenience. Whether you are involved in industrial projects or in energy distribution, the Electrical Cable Jointing Kit is a safe and efficient choice.

Carima – Innovation, Efficiency, and Sustainability in the World of Cable Lubricants

Carima stands out as a cutting-edge Italian chemical company in the field of cable lubricants. Founded in 1982 with the aim of simplifying the work of electricians and ensuring the integrity of cables and pipes, Carima has reached a status of leadership thanks to continuous investments in research and development, high standards of quality, and a consolidated experience on an international scale.

The water-based lubricants produced by Carima are renowned for their high quality and adaptability to the various working methods of installers.

The ISO 9001 certification and production that is completely Made in Italy bear witness to Carima’s commitment to the quality of its products. Additionally, some of the lubricants are certified as biodegradable and IEEE, while all the components and substances used comply with the strict REACH and CLPL regulations.

Carima goes beyond productive excellence, showing a deep commitment to environmental sustainability: all Carima products are water-based and free from petroleum derivatives, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

Moreover, the company independently produces the necessary electrical energy through photovoltaic panels installed on its roofs, contributing to cleaner and renewable energy.

If you are looking for innovative, safe, environmentally sustainable, and Made in Italy cable lubricants, Carima is the ideal choice.

With courteous and professional service, Carima will be pleased to assist you and provide optimal solutions for your needs in the cable lubricants sector.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.