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Our made in Italy gliders: we present the specific Gliss® line for laying electric cables and optical fiber with traditional techniques

By November 24, 2022May 26th, 2023No Comments
gliss f

When it is necessary to carry out the work of laying electric cables or those in optical fiber, very often there are problems that can make the work much less simple than expected.

Let’s find out now what are the products that allow you to carry out this kind of operation in a simple and immediate way.

Friction, an enemy for cable laying and the birth of the Gliss product

When it comes to laying cables, the most frequently encountered problem is that represented by the friction that is created when an electric cable has to be installed.

This problem arises above all when cables have to be installed in new systems, cables that need to be pulled out or new cables inserted into systems that have already been built.

This situation therefore involves a certain loss of time and an increasing degree of difficulty.

To avoid this situation, the Gliss® series products have been manufactured since 1978, liquid lubricants that are used to eliminate friction, born in the laying of telephone cables and cables for burglar alarm systems.

This lubricant has proved to be indispensable in all operations of threading/unthreading electric cables in civil systems, as they facilitate the passage of the cable in the installation piping.

Thanks to its ease of use and its smoothness, it eliminates up to 70% of the friction that is generated in the operations necessary for laying the cables.

By wetting the cable or the tube that allows the passage of the same, it will be possible to eliminate that annoying friction that is created between the tube and the cable. In this way, therefore, maximum precision and professionalism are guaranteed, making sure that the final result can be defined as perfect from every point of view.

In this way you will get the best possible result by completing the work without particular complications.

Gliss® has very specific characteristics that allow it to be a high quality product, in fact, in addition to being a water-based product, it maintains its lubricating effect even years after its use, protecting the cable from ageing.

Gliss® F

Gliss® F is a high-performance liquid lubricant, very simple to use, which eliminates up to 90% of the friction generated in threading operations of electric cables, telephone cables, coaxial cables and fiber optic cables.

Gliss® F is generally used in industrial applications where the laying of cables for several hundred meters can make the work easier.

Gliss® F is also successfully used for laying pipes or tubes in which the cables will be subsequently installed.

The lubricant can be applied manually by pouring the product onto the cable during installation which can take place with traditional techniques such as a winch or manual pull.

Gliss® F is certified biodegradable and IEEE 1210.

Its main features are low evaporation, protection of the cable from pollution, perfect adherence to the surface of the cable and maintenance of the lubricating power even when used in the presence of water.

gliss fGLISS® GEL

GLISS® GEL is a high performance gel lubricant designed to eliminate the friction that occurs in the installation of heavy power cables in plastic pipes.

The water-based composition added with specific products, allows the removal of every single friction element and above all allows to obtain a completely satisfactory final result, especially if several other products of the same series have been used which may not have achieved the final result planned.

It should also be taken into consideration that this product tends to be particularly simple to use due to its consistency and does not feel sticky or otherwise annoying to the touch.

GLISS® GEL is an easy to apply product. After placing the gel on the cable with a sponge, you can proceed with the installation with traditional techniques such as a winch or manual pull.


Gliss® Schiuma Spray

Gliss® Schiuma Spray is a product that considerably facilitates the work performed by the electrician in the construction of civil electrical systems.

This new lubricant produced by the Carima company maintains its lubricating power over time and has a very simple application, which exploits the formation of foam at the outlet of the dispenser from the can for the transport of lubricants along the pipe.

After several years of its application, it is possible to remove the previously introduced cables without effort.

The products contained within it do not damage the ozone layer, are biodegradable, non-harmful and non-toxic.

The product is available in a NON flammable spray can.

GLISS® Schiuma Spray


Gliss® Air 108 is sprayed with compressed air and introduced into the pipe, in this way being already lubricated it will facilitate the installation of the cable.

This type of synthetic lubricant is used for planting plastic pipes and optical fiber telephone cables, using compressed air cable threading machines.

Being a very fluid lubricant of a synthetic nature and easy to spray, it adheres perfectly to the internal surfaces of the plastic ducts which will house the fiber optic telephone cable.

One of its major characteristics is that it allows the installation of several cables in the same pipe, at different times as the lubricant remains active for many years before its degradation.



GLISS® WM-XL is a lubricant produced to solve problems related to the installation of telephone, electrical and fiber optic cables. Thanks to its easy application and its high potential, it eliminates up to 80% of friction.

It appears as a white semi-gel which facilitates application on cables to be installed vertically without dripping or loss of lubricant.