GLISS® was originally formulated in 1978 to eliminate the friction generated when laying telephone wiring in burglar alarm systems; later on, however, it proved indispensable when installing/removing all types of domestic system wiring and cables. GLISS® does away with up to 70% of the friction generated during cable laying work. On account of its ease of use, fluidity and smoothness, it is recommended for the installation of wiring systems in civil structures.

Use: when installing a new wiring system, spray GLISS® directly onto the wires before inserting them, or, alternatively, pour GLISS® directly into the conduit before inserting the wires.
To remove the wiring, pour GLISS® directly into the conduit, wait a few seconds for the product to reach the friction point, then pull out the wire.

For further information, see the technical data sheet.

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