GLISS® W is designed to address the problems related to the installation of power, telephone, and fiber optic telephone cables.

Appearance: The product is a thin white gel; the water and glycol in the gelatin act as lubricants as well as vehicles for other specific lubricants which act along the way. Easy to apply, the gel facilitates its spreading on cables to be installed vertically, without any dripping or loss of lubricant.

Traditional use: apply the gel with a sponge onto the cable; install the cable. The water will evaporate, leaving a layer of lubricant on the cable.

Use with compressed-air cable laying equipment: whenever a fiber optic cable is to be laid in plastic ducts, using automatic compressed-air cable laying equipment, GLISS® W can be used to pre-lubricate the duct.

For further information, see the technical data sheet.

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