SLIDE SLIP is a very powerful, low viscosity sliding agent, suitable for laying any type of cable in cable ducts, piping, sheathings and raceways. Also suitable for micro cables and micro pipes.
The specific composition of this water-based product eases the insertion of cable into piping by remarkably reducing the friction that is generated between cable and piping and between cable and cable, even in particularly difficult cable layouts.

During its application it adheres perfectly to the cable and prevents the cable, without any dripping or loss of lubricant.

Its freezing point –5 C°, which means it can also be used in winter weather.The product is nontoxic, neutral, non flammable, non-soiling. Any residues cam be removed manually with plain water or water + soap.

USE: apply SLIDE SLIP to the cable with a sponge or a cloth, then insert the cable into the piping and push it through.
The product can also be poured directly onto the piping before or during cable installation/removal.

For further information, see the technical data sheet.

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